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The Muddy Mary Project is a platform for emerging theatre artists. It is a constantly growing initiative with a theme and location that change annually. Seeking to give the stage to the cast aside and forgotten-about, we are interested in original work, unique stories and diverse perspectives.

The Muddy Mary Project’s ultimate goal is to encourage fellow artists to create, work as a team, and tell stories that need to be told.

As always, thank you for visiting, donating & spreading the word. We are very much grateful for the interest and support!

Our Team

Cleo Vaillancourt

Cleo Vaillancourt


Creative Director

Cleo spent years serving fancy people fancy food while studying theatre. Like many recent graduates, she is living the dream at her parents' place while working as a production assistant in Toronto. Cleo loves dancing (poorly); laughing (loudly) and creating meaningful work with her friends. Her current motto is “fake it ‘til you make it” and she believes drinking beer in the bath is the key to solving any problem.

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith


Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Nicole’s favourite kind of theatre is theatre that exists for a reason. While working through her degree, Nicole spent some fun time in some fun places like Peru, Australia, and the ever exotic Toronto - meeting new people, making new things, and auditioning for many-a-project. In her spare time you are most likely to find Nicole attempting to write but being distracted by the internet.

Jessica Watkin

Jessica Watkin


Festival Administrator

Jessica needs to be around people. As much as she loves writing plays she has a greater interest in collective creation and working as a group to tell stories. She enjoys reading any and all books, blogs, plays and tweets. She likes to keep busy with various types of projects and studies, and will be balancing The Muddy Mary Project with a Master’s degree in Theatre Theory come September.

OPIA 2015

Thanks to all who helped create a tremendous success! See you in 2016.

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