4 Festivals to Catch This Spring/Summer

Posted By Theatre

We have sunny weather and theatre on the brain over here at The Muddy Mary Project. Why not embrace both—festival style. Here are a handful of our Must-Attend Festivals in Ontario this Summer!

Tangled Arts Festival: April 9-25, Toronto

This festival includes 4 different performances by 11 disabled artists. Although the festival ends this Saturday (April 25) it’s sure to be a fascinating addition to your Spring/Summer festival list. These talented artists work hard to showcase a festival of “Strange Beauty” that will be sure to deliver a memorable performance.

InspiraTO Theatre Festival: May 28-June 6, Toronto

This ten-minute play festival promises an exciting ride that ensures engagement and creativity! The Inspira Toronto Festival explores the ability to create compelling theatre in a short amount of time and we can’t wait to see what they do!

Magnetic North Theatre Festival: June 4-15, Ottawa http://www.magneticnorthfestival.ca/

Attending a travelling theatre festival looks like a great way to spend some time in Ottawa this June! Using venues from around the city, this festival will be performing some of Canada’s most critically acclaimed pieces. Robert Lepage’s Needles and Opium is on the roster alongside a number of other notable works from across the country.

Summerworks Festival: August 2015, Toronto

We are all about the wonderful opportunities the Summerworks Festival creates for local emerging artists. Summerworks showcases performances of original work by local artists as well as  hosts forums, panels and workshops that are available over the duration of the festival. The training programs offered through Summerworks are almost more exciting to us here at the Muddy Mary Project than the performances themselves.

Is there a festival near you that we should see? Let us know! And don’t forget that OUR festival is accepting submissions until June 1! 🙂