5 Reasons To Get Outside This Spring

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To cure writer’s block or spark a new idea, we have been suggesting for a few weeks that you get outside and be inspired by the world around you. We can’t imagine why you’d disagree with being outside in the sushine, but here are our top 5 reasons to get out there and get motivated.

1. Patios! There is nothing like having a cold cider, lemonade or coffee on a patio in the sunshine. Be it for social or creative reasons, just sitting out in the sun with a beverage is probably the most desireable spring activity in our books. Grab those sunnies, a notebook or a good friend and find a patio near you.

2. Outdoor Running! As the snow has melted and the sun comes out, you look outside and see everyone taking advantage of the warm weather—children playing in the streets, moms walking with strollers, and runners. If you’re not a runner grab your headphones and go for a brisk walk—there’s nothing like getting your heart rate up in the great outdoors.

3. Picnics! This may be the lamest idea ever, but we love it. Packing up a cooler (or picnic basket if you’re old school) and a blanket and heading out to a local park makes for a wonderful afternoon date or gathering for you and a few friends or family. Even if you are on your own, take your lunch outside at work and enjoy the sunshine! We know how it is to be shut up all winter, so taking advantage of any opportunity to be outdoors is essential to springtime bliss.

4. BBQ! Maybe you are more of a homebody and would appreciate some stay-at-home time with the family or roomies, so why not grab some steaks (or zucchini—grilled zucchini is amazing) and have an evening BBQ? Springtime at dusk is the best time because it is still cold enough for a sweater but warm enough to sit outside. Make a pitcher of margaritas, grill your favourite food and relax. This is the beginning of the summer season! And who knows, maybe in the midst of your relaxation you will have a creative epiphany!

5. Lemonade Stand! Are you low on cash? Have an event you need to fundraise for? Saving up for a potential participation fee for the Muddy Mary Project (now accepting submissions until June 1! 😉 )? Making your own lemonade and selling it on your front porch is actually super fun and makes you feel like a kid again. It might be even lamer than the picnic basket, but it definitely sparks some great conversations and stories. This idea also works in the form of Garage Sales if you are on a Spring Cleaning purge and need to grab some extra cash. Engaging the community and being social are all great ways to make some money but also feel productive at the same time.

And there you have it, folks. We hope these ideas motivate you to get outside and get inspired.


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