5 Writing Prompts To Help Break Through The Block

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Are you having a tough time starting/finishing your submission for The Muddy Mary Project? Do you have a serious case of writer’s block? We get it. Writer’s block can creep up on you and seriously mess with your productivity. Severe cases can even result in depression, irritation and computers being thrown against walls. We don’t want that, so we’re here to help.

Below are the top 5 writing prompts we’ve found to be most useful during the writing (and re-writing) process of Finding Temperance.

1. Interview someone who is like one of your characters. Ask them questions pertaining to your topic, theme, or story and write down what they have to say. Sometimes copying down all of their answers onto a seperate sheet of paper can inspire a new monologue. We learned this one in school, and it’s probably been the most useful to us since.

2. Try a writing exercise! Lame or not, you’d be surprised by what can inspire. One of our many mottos at The Muddy Mary Project is “just try it,” so even if you’re hesitant, giving this a whirl is better than being stuck. An example of what we’re thinking of could be “you’re walking down the stairs to your basement and turn a corner to see a large box sitting in the middle of the floor that wasn’t there before. You are hesitant to open it, but after moments of deliberation you take the plunge and find…”

3. The “Found” Poem is a technique we like to use sometimes that is similar to word-association but with a twist. Look through articles pertaining to your topic (example: Women Past, Present or Fictional) and circle words that appeal to you. Do the same with your script and compile a list. Take a look at your list and see if there is something descriptive within it that you can use.

4. Is it rainy/snowy/sunny? Great, go sit in your backyard with a notepad and pen and write down everything you notice about the outdoors. Sometimes you just need to clear your head and focus on something new. You could even try doing an activity like yoga, meditation, running, dancing etc…these things can work wonders for starting fresh. As mentioned before, dance breaks are a frequent thing for us.

5. Question everything! Similar to prompt number one but using nothing but your own brain, ask yourself questions and write down the answers as your different characters. What you ask should be a mix of both the deep and ordinary. Some points to focus on: what does your character need (think both immediately and in the long run)? Want? Like? Hate? Fear? Remember? Have for breakfast?

Now get back to it, people! Submissions are due June 1st, and we know you can do it! Do you have any tips to share? We’d love to hear them. Comment below 🙂

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