#MondayMorningMuse: Gillian Anderson

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Anyone who knows me (this is Nicole writing) is likely rolling their eyes as they read who I’ve chosen to profile as this week’s muse, and that is because anyone who knows me is well aware that I have developed a slight obsession over the last few months. If you’re wondering how those who know […]

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#MondayMorningMuse: Knope, Perkins, Ludgate & Meagle

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If you have not watched all of Parks and Recreation you should really just go and do that right now. Most people who have never seen this series refer to it as “the show that tried to be The Office that no one really watched.” But those of us who have loved Pawnee for seven […]

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#MondayMorningMuse: Lorelai Gilmore

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Today’s Monday Morning Muse falls under the “fictional” umbrella of this year’s theme, although if you faithfully watched Gilmore Girls from 2000-2007 — from the time you were 10-years-old to 17, let’s say — you have likely spent many a day/night/afternoon/eve/minute wishing Lorelai Gilmore was not only real, but you. Right? Either way, this fast-talkin’ […]

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