finding-temperance-logoHave you ever wondered what it’s like to go from rags to riches overnight? To fall so in love with another person you kill yourself with poison? To be a football genius from a poor family, unable to soar to your full potential until an inspirational teacher and/or coach graciously paves for you the path of opportunity? If your answer to any one of these questions is yes, then Finding Temperance is not for you, and also you’ve never seen any play or movie ever.


Picture this: four young girls; one smart, one scared, one shtick, and one slut, conquering the world one slumber party at a time. There’s just one problem… conquering the world (and mainly just, like, living) turns out to be much harder than expected given the whole ‘having a vagina’ thing that plagues each of them individually. Creating a safe haven for themselves in the nearby woods, the girls find solace in the story of Temperance Lloyd and her three friends, Mary, Ann and Susannah (the last women hanged for witchcraft in England). As time goes by, Amy, Suze, Kim and Georgia band together (and fall apart) Now & Then style, fanning the fire of each other’s happiest times and most horrific tragedy. All the while, the essence of Temperance lurks; reminding the girls that true wickedness has perhaps been hiding just beyond the branches of their forest-y fortress all along.


Finding Temperance is a collaborative piece of theatre, weaving together two stories – one past and one present – to display themes of blame, guilt, power, innocence and evil. It poses the ceaseless question of “what if?” and aims to challenge the audience to draw upon their own experiences, the stories they’ve heard, and the knowledge of those many gone untold in order to recognize the true strength in having a voice.

Finding Temperance is a piece of devised theatre and was collaboratively created by:

Hannah Briggs, Sarah Dennison, Jackie Fauteux, Nicole Smith, Cleo Vaillancourt & Jessica Watkin


Directed by: Sarah Dennison

Stage Managed & Choreographed by: Hannah Briggs

Starring: Jessica Watkin, Nicole Smith, Cleo Vaillancourt, Jackie Fauteux

Lighting Designed by: Sharmylae Taffe-Fletcher

Original Contributors: Amanda Penwill, Katy Veloso, Michelle Jackson


Monday Morning Muse - Finding Temperance