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Hello my dear, sweet, supportive friends. I wanted to start this post off by outlining what The Muddy Mary Project is.

We are three Theatre Studies graduates looking to provide a platform for emerging (we define “emerging” as any artist who has not been mass procuded or is new to the business. This does not mean said artist is necessarily a recent graduate — s/he can be of any age) artists to explore their work. This will take on many forms in the coming years of the project… because that is what it is. A project. In a nutshell, we are malleable, flexible humans who love art, theatre and people. We want to work as a community to put on good stuff — and that’s it.

Well, that’s almost it. The Muddy Mary Project wouldn’t exist without the many fabulous people who have supported our endeavour from the beginning. Our families and friends have been outstanding, and we are lucky. NOW comes the time for us to reach out to the community…

Muddy Mary Fundraiser Poster

We are having a FUNDRAISING EVENT at the Guelph Little Theatre THIS SUNDAY October 4, 2015 from 3-6pm to raise funds for The Muddy Mary Project’s kick-off. You can find more information about the event at our Facebook event page here, but it will be an afternoon of Cards Against Humanity, potatoes, good company and general happiness. We would LOVE to see you there.  If you can’t make it, spread the word for us and we will be eternally grateful. It seriously does take a village.


On that note (of it taking a village, not the potatoes and Cards Against Humanity, although that’s all I can think about right now, too) we are seeking volunteers for our debut series: OPIA (see our poster on the main page of this website for details) and will accept any and all help! We are specifically looking for Front of House, Ushers, Stage Hands and a Festival Manager to help us out during the course of the run (October 29-November 1). If interested, send me ( an email containing what you’d like to do and when (we’d appreciate any and all interest, but the more days you can commit to the better), as well as a little blurb about yourself.

Note: If you are emailing me about becoming the Festival Manager be forewarned that I will want to meet with you in Toronto prior to the Festival to get you caught up on how it will all work.

Another Note: If you are wanting to volunteer but are INTIMIDATED by the logistics of everything, FEAR NOT! We will be holding a Volunteer “Training” Day on Sunday October 25th, where you can ask all the questions and get all the answers!


I hope I’ll be getting some emails from some eager people, and in the meantime, come to the fundraiser this weekend! Don’t be afraid to join us and get a little muddy! 😉



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