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Happy Friday, Friends! Alas, the most glorious day of the week is upon us (excluding Saturday and Sunday—obviously) and the weekend is so close we can almost taste it. But if you’re anything like us gals, you know that sometimes weekends aren’t relaxing. Sometimes you’re stuck doing unfinished work from the week or writing a script for your Muddy Mary submission—both of which can become overwhelming. Sometimes distracting yourself is the best way to glean some fresh inspiration, and so if that’s where you’re at, thanks for allowing us to be your distraction.

Today we have for you five quick tips to happy (submissions-package) writing:

1. GET COMFY—Dear Jeans/bra/clothes in general: You are not invited to this party. See you Monday.

amy p

2. SNACKS—This is an important one people. Snacks make everything better. Eating healthy throughout the week means that you can have a whole pizza to yourself tonight, right? Sure! But be careful not to get grease and cheese stuck to your keyboard.


3. WATER—Keeping hydrated not only helps you become energized but also gives you an excuse to take multiple bathroom/brain breaks while you work. Of course, if you sneak in a glass or two of wine we won’t tell anyone.


4. DANCE BREAK—Put on a favourite song and dance your stress away. This has been a recent front-runner during our writing weekends & rehearsals:

5. GOALS/REWARDS—Set small, manageable goals. After each goal is reached, reward yourself! Make a nice cup of tea or watch this:

NOTE: Taking part in online video-watching is a dangerous activity that should only be attempted by those of you who are not easily susceptible to the black hole that is the inter-web.

And there you have it, folks. We hope these tips are helpful! If you have any tips that help keep you inspired, we would love to read them in the comments section below.

Happy writing! 🙂

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