My Nightmares Wear White

Grace ThompsonThis is a play about a girl who started at the end and is stuck in the middle. This is a play about me and you and just a few of us. This is a play about waiting rooms, needles, and walking in slanted lines. This is a play about waking up and never sleeping. This is a play about listening and screaming and holding hands and asking too many questions. This is a play about breathing slowly to stay alive. This is a play about counting to ten a thousand times and never stopping. This is not a play about the beginning or the end. This is a play about the middle.


This show was inspired by my own experience with an illness that consumed my life for many years. The show is told through different characters, stories, dreams and moments. I was most interested in writing about young people who have experienced trauma and what that does to them— what that does to their youth. I was interested in young people who find themselves in very adult situations. I was inspired by my own experiences as I wrote this, as well as many other peoples’ I talked to throughout the year and a half of its creation. I am interested in how young people fight through trauma, how they overcome it, or how they still try to years after it has happened; how it destroys parts of you and builds new parts. I was inspired by how young people fight for their own injustices, whatever they may be, and how as you get older the injustices get bigger and bigger. How do we deal with the unfair, the ugly, and most importantly, the grimness of reality?


Co-directors: Bilal Baig and Ceridwen Kingstone

Stage Manager: Hollis Brunt

Musical Coordinator: Maddie Bautista

Lighting/Sound Design: Micah Champagne

Set Design: Sara Ahmadieh

Written by: Grace Thompson