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Happy holidays, everybody!

We hope you’re all enjoying a bit of a break as you wrap up the CRAZY year that was 2015!

As December comes to a close, the girls and I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you SO. VERY. MUCH. for all of your support this year. In creating and mounting this festival, we learned more than we ever thought possible in 12 short months. It was largely because of you, our ever supportive friends and family (and strangers too), that our first year as a new business was as successful as it was.

With a sold out debut series, we really could not have asked for a better turnout. The encouragement people showed was humbling, and the sheer amount of applications we received proves that there really is a niche out there to be filled for emerging theatre artists. We’re so grateful for the people in our lives who encouraged our idea from the beginning, and we’re also just super proud of what we made.

And while all of this is completely true, it’s also not a lie that our friendship as a threesome was TESTED this year. I know I speak for all of us when I say that working with your friends is HARD. It doesn’t matter if you love each other more than life itself, tensions fly, opinions differ and hostility starts to rear its head. Building a credible festival from the ground up requires so much more than it sounds like it does, and having a show (that you’ve also created and are performing in) IN the festival you’re building from the ground up is INSANE. If somebody EVER suggests this to you as a good idea, run away FAST.

Of course I’m exaggerating, and I feel so very lucky to have gone into this venture with the two amazing gals that I did, because eventually we were able to step away from the chaos and look at our year for what it was. The insanity does not negate the lessons we learned or the successes we had. For me everything we went through was not discouraging… it was motivating… and overall, delving into this craziness was hands down one of the most worthwhile experiences I’ve had.

That said, given all that we’ve come to understand this year… the three of us have decided to take The Muddy Mary Project into hibernation for a while.

As Cleo so aply put it to Jess and myself during one of our many post-festival discussions, “it’s totally necessary to entirely commit to the project, and totally unfair not to.”

I think that sums it up perfectly. The amount of commitment that our vision for this project requires is TOTAL. This year has proven to us that total, complete, full, 100% commitment is what it takes to do something well. And given the fact that we ourselves are all emerging artists with a million question marks in front of us, we just can’t do it right now. We can’t give it what it deserves. So we’re putting Muddy Mary to sleep for the time being, and checking back in later down the road.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, friends, for everything you have taught us this year. Thank you for coming to see our show, spreading the word, and encourging new artists to create. Thank you for donating your time and money to making our festival happen. Thank you for wanting to tell and wanting to listen. Thank you times a million, and here’s to an even fuller, crazier 2016.



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