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I’ve come to herald these women as a kind of undeniable attraction in my mind. They have redefined the way I think about style one meticulously beautiful video at a time. Elisa and Lily are a mother-daughter team who, with the “What’s Underneath” project, invite women of all walks of life to a loft, ask them a short list of questions, and at specific times through the interview the women take off their clothes until they are in only their underwear.

This sounds a bit out-there compared to our Netflix-induced-coma comfort zones of flipping through Tinder and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte dates. You don’t tend to talk to your girlfriends about “when you feel most beautiful” and then proceed to remove your overalls (what? You don’t wear overalls to your lady-dates?). The idea of seriously putting ourselves out there scares us because we tend to cover our flaws up with make up, spanx, push-up bras and many other FANTASTIC shortcuts to that “perfect” body-type.

But StyleLikeU removes that idea of “perfect” from the equation and suggests that being in a body at all, being a human woman in beautiful, potentially stretch-marked, sometimes oily but relatively okay (in my case anyway) skin, is the BEST PLACE TO BE. Because we can be grateful for having that skin, despite the sometimes shiny complexion, and admittedly embarrassing stretch marks.

These women inspire. They inspire me to write more honestly, write with a voice that is confident and vibrant. Write about ALL people, women, from all walks of life. And to write at all, because what I write is wonderful.

Projects like this exist to inspire women to embrace their bodies, embrace their stories, and reflect on their own life in relation to their style. If you’re interested visit their website at

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