“Write Drunk, Edit Sober”

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Even though submissions for The Muddy Mary Project’s 2015 festival are now closed, if you’re reading this, you’re likely a creative person. And let’s be honest… sometimes the creative gates fly right open when you’re a little bit tipsy. It’s true, even Hemingway said so.

So, because it’s Friday and you hopefully don’t have to get up too early in the morning, here are our five best cures for creative thirst

Kronenbourg 1664—This is the perfect import from France that tastes like both a beer and a cider (in our non-professional opinion) and is also delicious (FACT). Mainly only found in pubs, which we are sure you are familiar with, where imports are popular and the bartenders are friendly, we suggest this with a plate of fish and chips!

An Entire Pitcher Of Red Wine Sangria—This suggestion is a bit pricey if you are alone, but why beat around the bush when we KNOW you want the whole thing! The added bonus of getting an entire pitcher rather than just a glass is that it comes with snacks! Raspberries, oranges, you name it and it is probably in that pitcher. The only thing we have to say is, why not?

Maple Whiskey—The gals of Finding Temperance are all fans of this beverage, because there is nothing like drinking a shot of what can only be described as liquid breakfast. Taking one or two shots of this maple whiskey warms the mouth, heart and mind. You’re welcome.

White Wine…Any White Wine…Any Wine—Yes, well, if you are in the theatre community you probably know this trick. Wine (especially white wine) is a beautiful way to sit in a circle of good creative minds and get a few ideas out there. This is a serious suggestion: take a notebook, your collective, and a bottle of wine to the back deck this weekend and pass around some ideas (and the bottle) until something comes out. We’ve tried this out for you (a few times to be safe) and we can guarantee it will bring good laughs, memories and ideas!

Shirley Temple With Vodka—Finally, the most child-like and fun-loving drink of all time. The mix of sprite, grenadine and a splash (or more) of vodka really brightens up any evening. The sugar rush mixed with vodka brings out great creative influences, and if you’re not a Shirley Temple person then just go for the vodka, we understand.

Have a safe and fun weekend, friends! 🙂